FLY-R UAS - R2-240

The R2-240 was specially designed for extended range ISR operations. Like all aircraft of the R2 family it has the rhomboidal Wing aerodynamic configuration, which is a unique know how of FLY-R.

The R2-240 is equipped with a Series Hybrid Propulsion and Power Generation system which allows long endurance missions with heavy payloads.

Like the R2-150, the aircraft is fully autonomous and can be deployed from Land or Ship using the FLY-R Launcher and Automatic Recovery Systems.

The Detail

Technical Characteristics

  • Wing Span - 2,40 m
  • MTOW - 60 Kg
  • Ceiling - 5000 m
  • Cruise Speed - 180 km/h
  • Endurance - 10 hrs
  • Range > - 60 km (LOS) + Satellite
  • Mission Payload - 6 Kg
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  • Border patrol / Support to natural disaster relief operation / Fire detection /Unauthorized human and goods trafficking / Pollution control / Illegal fishing / Maritime transport assistance & Anti-piracy surveillance /
  • Monitoring of industrial infrastructures
  • Ground troops Support
  • Land or Ship Based