Percepto - The Percepto System

Percepto’s system consists of a weatherproof drone with HD RGB and thermal cameras, a base station for recharging and sheltering the drone and PerceptoCore software suite for flight management, data storage, report management, permissioned team access and computer vision and AI-powered applications.

Percepto’s drone systems can be deployed standalone on a site, or as groups of multiple drone-in-a-box systems to meet coverage needs.

The Detail

The Drone

The autonomous, weatherproof Sparrow drone is equipped with state of the art machine vision technology for identifying and tracking objects of interest.  Dual sensor payloads allow for HD video streaming, recorded video, imagery collection for photography or orthomosaic maps, and night vision.

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The Base

The Percepto Base is an industrial-grade, weatherproof, portable base station. When not in operation, the drone resides in the base, ready to launch at a moment’s notice. The base charges the drone when not in use and facilitates secure data upload to the PerceptoCore.

The Core

Powered by computer vision and AI, PerceptoCore provides value-added applications allowing relevant stakeholders to gain operational insights during and after missions, providing real-time notifications and automatically generating reports per specific missions’ findings.

Percepto stores system data in a secure cloud for review and analysis. Higher security encryption is available based on customer requirements.

Key Applications:

Perimeter Security

Thermal Mapping

Leaks & Spills Detection

Emergency Response

Structural & Roof Top Inspection