Percepto_Drone Major
Percepto_Drone Major


Initially, Percepto began as a small dream in the heart of the start-up nation, with its founders’ vision to maximize the value of drones by adding computer-vision based applications, such as detection and tracking.

With that in mind, Percepto started the development of the company’s PerceptoCore on-board module enabling real-time computer vision processing, compatible with 3rd party drones. The technology was quickly adopted not just by the drone developers’ community but also by leaders in the defense and military industry.

The company then decided to harness the core technology and use it to develop a fully autonomous drone solution for large scale enterprises, including critical infrastructures and heavy industrial facilities, looking to improve security, reduce safety risks and operational costs and increase productivity.

The concept of “a drone in a box”, capable of performing scheduled as well as on-demand missions, without the need for a pilot control, was quickly embraced by the industry. The Percepto solution is now in use around the world including a number of Fortune 500 organizations.