The Detail

e-Drone Zero

The e-Drone Zero is a powerful, long endurance quadcopter all in a compact package and run by one of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence powered drone operating systems around. It is fine tuned to pioneer Intelligent Productivity, advanced security and the newest available technologies.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

Powered by the highest end Hydrogen Fuel Cell System in the world allows the UAV to fly longer while dramatically reducing downtime as refuelling takes just minutes. 

Applications range from Surveillance & Security to demanding Survey, Mapping and Inspection tasks in any environment


  • Extended flight times (60 – 120 minutes+)
  • Green hydrogen technology
  • Quick refuelling (~2 min down-time)
  • Built in advanced AI
  • Custom military grade frame
  • Increased safety
  • Military grade security (NATO validated)
  • Advanced ease of use
  • Fully autonomous flight controls and missions
  • BVLOS operating capabilities
  • Increased productivity