Terabee - TeraRanger Multiflex

TeraRanger Multiflex is the modular & low-cost solution for simple obstacle avoidance on drones, indoors up to 2-meter range! It’s the ideal –and higher performance – alternative to ultrasound all in one convenient and easy to use kit. Each Multiflex kit includes up to eight plug-and-play sensor modules that can be connected to a flexible bus.

The Detail

The kit makes it easy to create custom configurations and to place sensors on a drone exactly where needed for various anti-collision set-ups’. An array of calibrated distances is streamed in millimetres from the Multiflex Hub via I2C, UART or USB.

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TeraRanger Multiflex is available in two versions; Multiflex and Multiflex PCB. Multiflex has dust and splash protection covers and offers the fastest refresh rates, while Multiflex PCB has longer range, up to 2.0m. See the specification sheet for further information on the two versions.