Terabee - TeraRanger Evo 60m

TeraRanger Evo is the long range distance sensor of the TeraRanger family and is ideal for reliable altitude control, terrain following and anti-collision, both indoors and outdoors. Using LED Time-of-Flight technology (rather than lasers) the 9-gram distance sensor can measure distances up to a 60-meter range! In addition to its long-range capability, it has a modular two-part design, supporting a wide range of power, communication and connector options without additional cables.


The Detail

Customization for embedded applications is also possible.

The small and lightweight Evo allows easy mounting on drones without hindering flight performance. Using a convenient 5V input, the sensor is calibrated and easy to use, streaming digital output in millimetres via *I2C/UART or USB.

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*Choose your preferred interface at time of purchase

Field of View Advantage

An advantage of TeraRanger LED technology, is that it enables the sensor to have a “Field of View” so that, rather than measuring distance based on a very small point of laser light, the sensor measures over an area. At a 1m distance, the area is approximately 3cm by 3cm. At 10m it is approximately 30cm by 30cm, increasing linearly with range. For many drone applications, this is a significant advantage, enabling you to detect small hazards that the laser may miss. It also provides a more appropriate and stable data stream when flying a drone over vegetation, close to trees or other irregular shaped objects that need to be detected at high speed.

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