Terabee - TeraRanger Hub Kit

The TeraRanger Hub kit is an obstacle avoidance sensor and makes it easy to connect multiple TerRanger sensors to a single power and data hub and to integrate the data stream to your control platform. This is great for times when you want sensors simultaneously monitoring multiple axes.The kit enables you to plug and play with up to eight distance sensors and obtain high-speed distance data from each sensor.

The Detail

The Hub provides power to each sensor, synchronizes the sensors for cross-talk avoidance and streams an array of calibrated distance values in millimetres via USB or UART. Select from two to eight TeraRanger One sensors with your kit!

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The kit contains: – 1 TeraRanger Hub – 2 TeraRanger One sensors (Type A) (additional sensors can be added at the time of purchase) – 2 Sensor to Hub cables (22cm) – Cables for power and data transfer

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