Terabee - TeraRanger Hub Evo

compact and lightweight (13g)

TeraRanger Hub Evo is a compact and lightweight (13g) board that enables you to connect up to 8 TeraRanger Evo distance sensors and stream distance data in millimetres via USB or (optional accessory required) UART interfaces.

The Detail

avoid cross-talk 

Readings from each sensor are synchronized to avoid cross-talk making it super easy to set up ‘plug and play’ custom sensor arrays! It is the ideal solution for selective point cloud creation and rapid prototyping of multi-sensor configurations. In addition, an onboard Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) provides data on the hub’s spatial orientation.

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UART communication protocol.

Using the optional UART for Hub Evo accessory, users can connect to the Hub Evo to stream distance data via UART communication protocol. The accessory also provides an interface to control an intelligent multi-coloured LED light source to create a red, orange, green visual-aid when navigating close to hazards.

Technical Specifications: TeraRanger Hub Evo UART for Hub Evo (accessory) Dimensions: ⌀​55mm x 9.2mm (H) 51mm x 36mm x 9mm (H) Weight: 13g 7g Mounting: 2 x M3 holes 2 x M3 holes Supply voltage: 12V DC recommended Powered by Hub Evo Supply current: 25mA (plus consumption of each TeraRanger Evo sensor) Powered by Hub Evo Interfaces: USB 2.0 Micro-B UART, +3,3V level,921600,8,N,1 WS2812B LED serial control output Connectors: Micro USB 6pin Hirose DF13 Proprietary extension connector 4pin Hirose DF13 Onboard IMU: Bosch BN055 - Update Rate modes: 50Hz; 100Hz; 250Hz; 500Hz; 600Hz ASAP 50Hz; 100Hz; 250Hz; 500Hz; 600Hz ASAP Embedded Processing Unit: ARM Cortex-M7 32-bit RISC core - Compatible with: TeraRanger Evo distance sensors TeraRanger Hub Evo