Threod Systems - EOS Mini-UAS

Mini-UAV that brings tactical UAV capabilities down to mini UAV level. 

EOS is a hand-launched and parachute-recovered electric mini UAV designed to deliver stable and clear imagery. EOS brings tactical UAV capabilities down to mini UAV level. Proudly tested and used in NATO ISAF and KFOR operations.


The Detail

Endurance: 2 hours +

Range: 17km

Payload: 1.5kg


Extremely low noise – silent at 150m

Outstanding aerodynamics

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Powerful and fully stabilized dual EO/IR gimbal

Plug & play aerial mapping payload

HD video feed and on-board recording



Military: Battlefield reconnaissance and surveillance functions, fire support and battlefield damage assessment.

Government: Security services, search and rescue, border guard patrol, firefighting, police, riot control and mapping.

Commercial: Security companies, property surveying, power line survey, forestry, mapping, precision agriculture and environmental research.