Wingtra - WingtraOne

Meet the WingtraOne: a professional drone that simplifies mapping and surveying through easy and smart aerial data collection.

The Detail

Thanks to its unique design, the WingtraOne is as easy to use as an agile multicopter with the long range and speed of a high endurance fixed-wing airplane. Its smart navigation software, WingtraPilot, allows you to intuitively plan your survey flight. It can be customized with various high-end cameras to capture high-resolution aerial images to generate accurate orthomosaics and 3D models. The WingtraOne is equipped with the best components, giving you a professional drone that is particularly robust and efficient.

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The best cameras for your application


Sony QX1 - 20mm lens - Professional entry bundle for hands-on surveyors - APS-C sensor, 20 mega pixel, focal length equivalent (at 35mm): 30mm, RGB - Professional mapping and surveying - High image quality, flexible lens options

Sony QX1 - 15mm Voigtländer lens - Sophisticated bundle for 3D reconstruction specialists - APS-C sensor, 20 mega pixel, focal length equivalent (at 35mm): 22.5mm, RGB - Professional mapping and surveying, 3D reconstruction - Brilliant image quality, Largest coverage at limited flight altitude, flexible lens options

Sony RX1RII - 35mm lens - - Best quality bundle for the high-res aficionado - Full-frame sensor, 42 mega pixel, RGB - Professional mapping and surveying, forest and mountain reconstruction - Brilliant image quality, best coverage / GSD, low GSD

Micasense RedEdge - 5.5mm lens - Advanced bundle for precision farmers - 5 individual custom sensors, multispectral - Precision farming, plant analysis - High quality multispectral images

Endurance: 55 mins

Range: Not specified

Payload: 800g