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For assistance and advice call +44 (0) 20 7458 4088, anytime 24/7
Unmanned aquatic inspection vehicle on a river

Editorial Feature


Words By: Drone Cage


 A lot has happened since our last update on the ATRP.

The v3+, has been retired after extensive application testing and paved the way for the v4+.

This new version takes the very best features from v3+, including the concept of “above water line propulsion”. This approach allows for an extremely shallow draft, almost zero chances of entanglement and leaves the environment below waterline untouched.


Features of the v4 include-

  • A greater payload capability, both in weight and fittings. Using a more commercially available fitting system opens the possibilities for more off the shelf technologies to be utilised.
  • We’ve now implemented the use of a partially flooded bow section for easier navigation of submerged/surface items.
  • External IP64 rated power sockets meeting the wider requirements of additional equipment.
  • Full-length high-power LED lights on both sides of the vessel, to illuminate even the darkest of environments and to improve situational awareness.
  • 2x UHF telemetry downlinks across two frequency bands for range and redundancy. The control network utilises military grade encryption to ensure the highest levels of security.
  • LiDAR capability, both for obstacle/collision avoidance when used in autonomous modes, and for survey use. The information from the LiDAR unit is stored locally as well as being fed back to the operator.
  • Improved battery life with the use of lithium iron technology.
  • Full waypoint mission capable, alongside the option of manual operations.
Inspection Drone floating on a river

1x SHF video downlink to provide situational awareness for manual operations. The video downlink also provides an on-screen display with a wealth of information to aid the operator in navigating complex environments.


Drone video link, screen example

V4+ has seen many hours on British waterways and has proven itself time and time again not only on open water survey work, but also in highly complex environments with little to no light, and no access for the operator.

There is a v5+ in the works designed with a slightly different task in mind and is set to see water trials over the winter period.  

Drones view, inspecting the inside of a drain

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