Scopito - Drone Inspection Software

Scopito is simple to use and can be accessed from many different types of devices. In the field or in the office you have the ability to analyze, visualize and apply tags or comments to your images from a variety of portable devices, as well as standard laptops and desktops.

The Detail

Minimalistic layout: The software layout is designed with quick access in mind. Scopito is browser-based and works as a fully-responsive website with a minimalistic style to keep the learning curve to a minimum. All data you put into Scopito is accessible with only few clicks on a touchscreen, mouse or keyboard.

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Cloud-based storage ; Scopito is based on a philosophy of encrypted cloud storage platforms. You can scale the solution as you please – and in case you require larger, bespoke solutions, just let us know.

Secure for decades to come: Backup guaranteed, the data retention of your image and inspection data is stored at various server locations across the globe. Analyses show that our data safety is as high as can be possibly offered anywhere in the world today – expect less than 0.0001% data loss over the next 50 years…

IMAGE ANALYSIS We offer to perform in-depth analyses of your images and inspection data. Our trained teams of analysts can reduce the amount of data you need to analyze in depth by more than 90 %, making final reports more precise and much more cost-effective. You will incur no cost up-front, and the solution is 100 % scalable. The fact that our analyses are performed manually also means that we can handle many different types of analytical tasks based on your data.