AiDrones - Sonoboat

The Sonoboat is a cartographic surveying vehicle, capable of autonomous and remotely controlled operation. It is ideal for missions in hard to reach or dangerous locations. The ease of deployment and compact size significantly reduce the costs of waterbody mapping and similar applications.

The Detail

Additionally to all the innovative features of the vehicle itself, it integrates the most advanced acoustic sensor technology, capable of measuring sediment thickness, providing 3D surface profiles, material composition analysis and structural integrity, without the need for direct contact to the analysed objects. Other sensors can be integrated on demand.

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Advanced spectral analysis featuring acoustic material recognition for the first time

Material and structure recognition even from the distance

High precision:

Differential GPS for high accuracy cartography (GPS, GLONASS and ASCOS)

S2C ultra-broadband Echosounder (depth measurement accuracy +- 1,5 cm, min. depth 1m)

Sidescan Sonar option


Autonomous and radio controlled operation modes

Multiple communication options: Wi-Fi, GPRS/UMTS, RC

Onboard data logging, transmission on demand

Adjustable width for increased stability when there are waves


Integrated camera for operation in remote locations and surveillance

Fast access to points of interest, precise manoeuvres and efficient area scanning thanks to gently controllable hydro jet thrusters

Batteries for up to 10 hours operation

Software for field operation and data processing with visual georeferenced representations

Easy to deploy

From the start, the Sonoboat was designed focusing on ease of use and deployment. It can be transported in the back of a normal car and assembled by a single person. Thanks to special fasteners that can be adjusted by hand there is no need for tools. Once on site Sonoboat can be operated autonomously travelling a pre-programmed track or be remotely operated by either radio frequency, wireless LAN or a GPRS/UMTS network. The on-board data-logger collects and geo-references all the information captured by the sensors. Real-time data transmission can also be performed depending on the selected interface and conditions.