GeoAccess - Interior & Confined Space Aerial Inspections

GeoAccess are always ready to embrace new technology and innovative designs, to that end we have recently acquired a collision-resistant cage for our DJI Phantom 4 Pro by DRONECAGE to enable us to safely conduct inspections in locations that are difficult to access, and certain types of confined spaces.


The Detail

The DRONECAGE provides an additional layer of safety and significantly reduces the risk of damage to the subject being inspected and the drone. Inspections at height can be conducted without the need to shut-down activity at ground level or clear personnel from the surrounding area. The 20-megapixel camera of the Phantom 4 Pro produces super-sharp, high-resolution images that can be enlarged significantly without suffering pixelation and shoot HD and 4K video. Two 1500 lumen, adjustable brightness light sources can be mounted on the cage to provide light in poorly illuminated areas. The caged drone can be used for:

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Inspecting interior structural steelwork, particularly roof and canopy support

Inspection of pipework, valves, conduits and cables at height and in restricted access areas

Inspections of silos and tanks

Bridge, tunnel, shaft and culvert inspections

Performing safety checks in deep excavations, underground mining and tunnelling operations

Interior inspections of derelict and dilapidated buildings prior to demolition or remedial works to ensure personnel can enter safely