GeoAccess - Aerial Inspections

GeoAccess can offer a stand-alone UAV inspection service and also integrated UAV plus rope-access teams, depending upon the requirements of the inspection. Our flight-crews and rope-access technicians are from similar professional backgrounds, have shared knowledge and experience that allows them to work together seamlessly and efficiently.

The Detail

Our primary inspection UAV is the DJI Matrice 210RTK, equipped with Zenmuse Z30 camera that has x30 optical zoom and can be mounted on a downward or upward looking gimbal. The 210RTK is a rugged, dependable industrial-grade UAV with an IP43 rating we can operate in less than ideal weather conditions. The Z30 camera allows inspections of assets in medium to high-risk environments from a safe distance and the RTK GPS units allow precise flying and positioning when in the hover, as well as being resistant to electromagnetic interference.

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Key advantages of using UAVs:

Rapid deployment

Safer working with a significant reduction of risk

Initial and detailed inspections can be undertaken

Urgent defects can be quickly identified and reported

Areas requiring tactile inspections and non-destructive testing are identified at an early stage

Identification of specific locations requiring rope-access inspection teams

Site risk assessment prior to deployment of rope-access teams

Integrated UAV and rope-access:

Improved utilisation of rope access teams

Teams can focus on specific locations identified by UAV

Efficient planning and execution of tactile examinations and non-destructive testing

Safer working and reduction of risk using UAV to provide a safety overwatch and monitor rope teams at work