GeoAccess - Mapping & 3D Modelling

Our Principal Pilot has successfully completed a dedicated drone mapping course given by an ex-Royal Air Force aerial imaging and spatial analyst with 25 years of knowledge and experience in this highly specialist field. We can offer 2D mapping (ortho-mosaics) at various levels of resolution, with high relative accuracy and export the finished products in a variety of formats, depending upon client requirements. 3D models can be viewed in Sketch Fab and embedded directly in a webpage.

The Detail

Point clouds can be created from the 3D models and exported as LAS files for use in CAD software.

Applications of ortho-mosaics:

Applications of ortho-mosaics:

An overview of large roof areas for commercial, industrial and retail premises to aid in inspections

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Reconnaissance of land for site investigation: access points, limited clearance, traffic routes, compound and laydown area selection, waste/fly-tipping, areas of surface contamination, poorly drained ground

Pre-construction/site set-up stage: access points, limited clearance, traffic routes, locating site offices and parking areas

Construction: site layout planning, documenting construction progress, materials and waste storage area selection and monitoring, identifying on-site issues such as traffic route degradation, housekeeping, drainage problems

Demolition: planning and visualisation, access, progress monitoring, recyclable and non-recyclable waste segregation and stockpiling

Relative measurements of length, area and volume

Applications of 3D models:

Applications of 3D models:

Earthwork, slope and rock face failures: determine causes and mechanisms involved; planning of repair/remedial works

Construction: documenting construction progress, a model of the completed build

Demolition: visualisation of building/structure to aid in planning, methodology and risk assessment

Visualisation for promotional and marketing purposes

Generation of dense point clouds for use in CAD software