Skeye - Drone Inspections

Skeye's unmanned aircraft (drones) are able to reach those places that are difficult, expensive, dangerous, 'live' or even impossible for manned inspection teams.

The Detail

With different types of drones, Skeye can inspect indoor, onshore and offshore installations and objects in many different environments. Drones provide a very cost-effective and rapid alternative to traditional manned inspections by preventing or minimizing hazardous, time-consuming and costly alternatives such as the use of scaffolding, construction cranes or rope access.

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With our drones, a range of sensors can be checked and placed in the correct position near the object or installation. For example, Skeye uses a 36 MP camera to create stunning high resolution images that can distinguish the smallest detail without having to shut down your operation. The use of an Infrared Red camera provides more insight into leakage heat, insulation problems or the detection of potential combustion sources.

Our inspection services are usually performed as regular, calamity or pre-maintenance inspections. Our customers come from the on- and offshore wind power, oil & gas, chemical and process industries. In addition, we inspect for many other customers installations, buildings, chimneys, telecom and high voltage masts.

Skeye has a global partnership with Bureau Veritas to provide official inspection reports. This way, a valuable insight into the state of your asset can be delivered, making you better prepared for operational and maintenance decisions with a clear understanding of the required time for turn-around or shut-down maintenance. All this done in a fast, safe and cost-effective way.

In addition to visual and infrared photography, Skeye uses special software and a calibrated camera that allows measurements to be made in the images. The advantage of this is that if a tear is detected, for example, a further inspection can check whether this tear has become larger.