Pricing your drone jobs

One of the most common questions we get from new commercial drone operators is "How much should I charge my client for this [inspection/wedding/survey] job?". This post attempts to provide some guidance as to what you should be thinking about when answering that question for your own business.As of March 2023, the number of commercial drone operators in the UK is just under 6,000. And it's growing steadily every month. Not all of them are active drone businesses; some are research institutions or police forces for example. Nonetheless, relative to the amount of work available, that's a large number of people and businesses that you'll be competing with as a commercial drone operator.When you're starting out, it's really difficult to work out how much to charge and that's precisely because you're new and probably inexperienced in the field. It might be all too tempting to simply price low in order to win business and get your new drone business off the ground (see what I did there!). Bu Read More »

FLY-R SAS is pleased to announce the launch of its new project: the R2-120 "RAIJIN".

FLY-R SAS is pleased to announce the launch of its new project: the R2-120 "RAIJIN". The RAIJIN is a drone designed for the role of loitering munition. The efficiency of the rhomboid wing combined with its automatic deployment at the exit of the launch tube makes the RAIJIN a system offering a wide range of speeds and a great autonomy, with an excellent accuracy of final trajectory. All this for a controlled deployment and operation cost. The deployment of the drone is facilitated by its ability to be launched directly from its transport container also serving as a reusable launch tube and in which it is positioned with the wings folded along the fuselage. The rhomboid wing automatic flight deployment system is an international patent of FLY-R. Read More »

Mvine Partners with OCR Labs Global to Deliver Seamless Digital Identity Verification

 London, UK - 21 March 2023 World-leading digital ID verification company OCR Labs Global has partnered with Mvine, a British technology company delivering next-generation platforms that power the digital economy. OCR Labs Global will enable digital identity verification (IDV) checks for the end users of Mvine’s business customers, processed through Mvine’s identity hub technology. The partnership coincides with the launch to the UK B2B market of ‘MvineID’, a new service delivering fast and affordable identity verification checks to businesses according to their needs and budget. Read More »

This is why a good security strategy is also based on proper data handling

Data management and analysis are essential components of cybersecurity. In the modern digital world, large amounts of data are constantly being created, stored, and accessed. Organizations need to be able to manage and analyze this data to ensure not only the security of their networks and systems, but also to preserve the business continuity.  Data management is the process of collecting, organizing, and providing access to data. This includes identifying the types of data that are relevant to cybersecurity, establishing policies and procedures for data security, and monitoring access to sensitive data. It also includes creating backups of data, ensuring data is kept up-to-date, and storing data in secure locations.  Data analysis is the process of examining data to identify patterns and correlations. This includes examining log files, system configurations, and user activity to identify potential security threats. It also includes machine learning techniques to identify pat Read More »

Mvine wins contract from European Space Agency

A new contract has been awarded by the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Business Applications and Space Solutions (BASS) Programme this month to a consortium led by Mvine Limited, for a new Demonstration Project co-funded under ESA’s ARTES 4.0 element. This will run for 18 months and to a budget of 970,000 EUR (1.03M USD; 0.86M GBP). The contract award reinforces Mvine’s existing capabilities in creating secure telecom-connected real-time digital marketplaces and its strategic positioning in producing digital twin solutions.This contract award comes after a stringent process by ESA to evaluate all architectural, technical and commercial aspects of the proposed Demonstration Project which will deliver a feature rich Digital Twin for use by emergency services commanders and frontline officers in the context of a mass casualty incident. Mvine is Prime contractor and is working with four partner companies selected for their own specialisations, technical know-how and acce Read More »


THE CHALLENGEThere are a number of challenging environments that would benefit from fully autonomous operations including oil & gas, nuclear decommissioning and undersea exploration.  However, there are a number of limitations that have to be overcome before that desire can be fulfilled.  Firstly, there has to be a sensing suite that can be used to navigate adequately in all these environments and be able to undertake the various missions.  We have to be able to convince users, regulators and insurers that any such deployed system will always do what is needed.  More importantly, we have to be sure that it won’t do what we don’t want it to do - ever; and we also need to show what the behaviour will be when [not if!] something goes wrong.  Evidence from the development has to be made available to support a system safety and, where applicable, security case.INTRODUCING THE A2I2 CONSORTIUMA consortium of Rovco (project lead), Forth Engineering, D-RisQ, Tha Read More »


Belfast-based cyber security developer ANGOKA has consolidated its position as a supplier of critical systems for advanced mobility by securing central roles in three major ground transportation projects. This follows a successful public competition issued by the Centre for Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV).The three projects include ‘Harlander’ which is providing an autonomous passenger transport system working with Belfast Harbour Commissioners and BT among others; ‘V-CAL’, a collaboration led by the North East Automotive Alliance (NEAA) located at Nissan Motor Company in Sunderland and focused on autonomous and remote operations of heavy goods vehicles; and the ‘Sunderland Advanced Mobility Shuttle’, a project defining the future of urban passenger transport.ANGOKA chief executive Yuri Andersson has welcomed the appointment of the firm to these groundbreaking projects. “We are delighted to join these consortia and look forward to contributing our unique cyber securi Read More »

Why the UK government must act now to capitalise on autonomous drone systems technology

The Drone Delivery Group (DDG) calls for improved coordination across government in order to harmonise quality and safety standards for drones operating autonomously in multiple domains. On 18 January 2023, the DDG delivered its landmark white paper ‘A National Strategy for Drones Across Land, Sea and Air’ to the Department for Transport (DfT) and the department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). Eight months in the making, the paper describes a drone strategy that can meet the demands of increasing numbers of autonomous vehicle systems. This strategy will mitigate any potential risks to the country in terms of safety and infrastructure and deliver tangible environmental benefits. Existing transport systems are served by regulations that have been developed over hundreds of years, but rapidly evolving drone technology is outpacing the demand for new regulations. As such, the DDG contends that efforts must be made to streamline the regulatory process, especially in Read More »


ATRP V4.0A A lot has happened since our last update on the ATRP.The v3+, has been retired after extensive application testing and paved the way for the v4+. This new version takes the very best features from v3+, including the concept of “above water line propulsion”. This approach allows for an extremely shallow draft, almost zero chances of entanglement and leaves the environment below waterline untouched. Read More »


Drone Delivery Group’s new white paper outlines why the UK government must act now to capitalise on autonomous drone systems technology. The Drone Delivery Group (DDG) calls for improved coordination across government in order to harmonise quality and safety standards for drones operating autonomously in multiple domains.On 18 January 2023, the DDG delivered its landmark white paper ‘A National Strategy for Drones across Land, Sea and Air’ to the Department for Transport (DfT) and the department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). Eight months in the making, the paper describes a drone strategy that can meet the demands of increasing numbers of autonomous vehicle systems. This strategy will mitigate any potential risks to the country in terms of safety and infrastructure and deliver tangible environmental benefits. Read More »

Challenge 12. Summit Cerro Aconcagua (6961 M ASL)

This was by far the grittiest challenge of them all. My mental and physical robustness was significantly tested on this expedition, much more so than any other, and, if I am honest, I think I am a little broken now!The combined effects of a 17-day expedition; carrying a heavy pack, eating foreign food, drinking from mountain streams and, most notably, living at significant altitude, was a bit of a beating.That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy trekking up Aconcagua, the Andes are of course beautiful and striking, and I met some amazing international people along the way, but I underestimated this mountain – classic me. Read More »

Drones Fly Past The Challenges of Human Guards

With each passing year, it becomes less and less logical to continue using human labour for routine security tasks when AI technologies offer a proven, superior alternative.For security and risk mitigation, human security teams monitor CCTVs or mounted webcams, respond to alarms and tripped sensors, and conduct foot patrols. focus on the patrols. A diligent guard uses all five senses, to spot subtle problems, makes judgment calls, and adapts to times and locations requiring special attention. While they leverage those “human” skills, the list of disadvantages is disturbing.People don’t scale. One guard can only be in one place at one time. If an intruder appears, a water pipe bursts, or equipment overheats moments after a guard has passed by, discovery is delayed People are biological. We need to eat, work a third of a day, get sick, need vacations, use the restroom — all time a company pays for.People are … only human. It’s hard to blame a guard in a static, repetitiv Read More »

Challenge 11. Paddle, Paddle, Paddle – for 20 miles

So big confession… the channel didn’t happen, and, holding my hands up, most likely won’t happen this side of Christmas.Unsurprisingly the weather in November was not on our side (the 40 knot winds would have taken us to Norway rather than Boulogne) and there were only so many tide windows available to us.Nevertheless, it will happen next year (safety boat deposit having already been paid) and so the team and I decided that, rather than come up with a completely new challenge, we would complete a placeholder paddle boarding adventure for November. Read More »

Challenge 11. Veteran Army Officer Faces English Channel Crossing by Stand up Paddle board – in November!

"So, the channel didn’t happen (40 knot winds are a bit of a buzz kill) but we are not the sort of people to be stopped! We did the distance anyway this weekend - just not on the ocean"Read the full explanation hereA former Major in the Royal Artillery is about to attempt a winter crossing of the English Channel by stand up paddle board, in the latest leg of a year-long quest to support Armed Forces veterans in their battle with mental health issues. Read More »

Challenge 10. Ultra-marathon Jordan (250 km)

Without a doubt, this has been the hardest physical challenge this year and probably the hardest of my life. The journey really began on our arrival to Wadi Rum Reserve. Here we jumped off the coaches and onto the back of ancient pick-up trucks; most of which required hot wiring and had more than a million miles on their clocks. We then sped off into the setting sun, across the red sand to our first campsite. Lit by glowing candles and generator lighting it was pretty magical; spirits were high and I don’t think anyone could quite believe they had finally arrived. Many had trained for months in preparation for what would be the longest running race of their life.Very early on I connected with some fantastic people; finding I had mutual friends or British Army connections with some of them made settling into the experience extremely easy.   Read More »

Challenge 9. Dart 10k open water swim (10km)

As always I hugely underestimated this challenge. Even as I entered the water I thought ‘I think this might be a bit of a cop-out’, and ‘maybe I haven’t made this hard enough?!’This thought was definitely due to the persistent feeling of it all still not being quite enough. Ridiculous I know, but it’s there nonetheless. It’s partly imposter syndrome and partly the people and social media I am exposed to. In particular for this challenge, a few days before I started, I noticed that a friend of mine (a renowned excellent swimmer and successful channel crosser) is going to attempt to swim around the island of Jersey. This will be an incredible feat (it is something like 40 miles!) and, without doubt, my swim marathon pales in insignificance.Because of this, I keep having to remind myself that I am not an elite athlete (I’m definitely not a pro swimmer and I don’t even particularly like open water) and each challenge has been difficult relative to my own ability, and Read More »


Volatus Aerospace Corp. (TSXV: VOL) (OTCQB: VLTTF) (“Volatus” or “the Company”) today announced a Collaboration Agreement with Accipiter Radar Technologies Inc. signed on 20 September 2022 to facilitate and commercialize drone flights beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). This will allow Volatus to introduce clean energy drone solutions for a variety of aerial inspections in oil and gas pipeline, energy, railway, and arctic surveillance using remotely piloted aircraft (drones) operating beyond visual line of sight.“Deconflicting drone operations with low-flying, crewed aircraft is an essential element for long range flight operations beyond visual line of sight. The use of Accipiter’s proven radar solutions will provide detect-and-alert / detect-and-avoid information needed to commercialize at scale,” said Glen Lynch, CEO of Volatus Aerospace. “Teaming with Accipiter enables us to introduce innovative green solutions for our customers in our journey toward a carbon neutr Read More »

Valqari Acquires IDU Group, Creating World’s Most Comprehensive Drone Delivery Infrastructure System

CHICAGO – (Sept. 20, 2022) Valqari is excited to announce that it is combining efforts with IDU Group, providing a complete drone delivery infrastructure from rooftops and the windows of buildings to a complete product line of drone mailbox and drone locker ground stations. As part of this merger, Ryan Walsh will continue as CEO of Valqari while Kevin Duckers, founder and former CEO of IDU Group, will act as Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Valqari.This new, combined entity will be focused on providing the next generation of drone infrastructure across multiple high-growth industries. The companies have had a strong relationship for several years and this merger significantly strengthens the joint product lines within the industry. The merger brings together two of the leading drone delivery infrastructure companies with complementary expertise and operations, creating a single force to meet the ever-growing demand for drone infrastructure solutions. It also provides Valqari wi Read More »

Exciting times for Research and Development Tax Relief

"Exciting times" and "Research and Development Tax Relief" are not usually terms you will see used together but this is what we are heading towards.Research and Development Tax Relief (RDTR) was introduced in 2000 and a lot has changed since the early days.R&D Consulting was formed in 2012 as, at that time, the relief was being largely ignored by companies unless they were with one of the big accountants.  It was just too complex and most companies who could have claimed assumed it didn’t apply to them.  Back then, there wasn’t a lot of advice for companies when it came to RDTR and for about 5 years we gently educated companies and accountants – helping a lot of companies claim RDTR and helping others understand that although they were undertaking research and development, they didn’t meet the criteria for RDTR. Read More »

Challenge 8. Hadrian’s Wall self supported ultra run (84 miles in 2 days)

Stretching from Bowness-on-Solway, near Carlisle, to Wallsend in Newcastle, the route took me through beautiful countryside between the North Pennines and Kielder Forest, past the remnants of the incredible Roman fortification, Hadrian’s wall.This was a great distraction as the brutal route climbed a total of 4500ft and the weather was atrocious, with constant penetrating rain for 11 hours straight on the second day. 84 miles of trail running in 23 hours, carrying a tent and supplies resulted in my feet and body taking a real battering and (bar the tendinitis I received after challenge 4) this is definitely the most broken I have been so far. I did, however, meet two other veterans on route, a Marine and a Parachute Regiment soldier, which gave me lots of motivation to continue! Read More »