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Successful flight of Japan's largest transport drone (49kg PL)

Onozuka Seiki Co.Ltd has developed ESC, a high-efficiency motor for large-sized transport drones using electromagnetic steel sheets for high-speed rotary motors made by Nippon Steel. They succeeded in flying a drone with 49kg PL. The multi-pole high-speed rotary motor has a high motor drive frequency and is highly effective in reducing eddy current loss due to the thinning of the thickness of the electromagnetic steel plate used for the motor core. The technology cultivated in EV (Eco-run solar car) is applied to this motor, it has higher efficiency & lower heat generation than conventional large drone motors. Thus, it can withstand operations under summer high temperatures. By making the motor and ESC double redundant, consideration was given to the reliability required for large transport drones in the event of a failure. By optimizing the control characteristics of the drive system for large-scale transport drones, it is no longer necessary to adjust the parameters... Read More »

CAP2000: Clued Up Autumn 2020: Electronic Conspicuity

The Clued-up publication is devoted to the subject of electronic conspicuity in our developing airspace infrastructure.   Why do we need it, what has changed, what does it do, where can i get it and what will it cost?  Who will benefit, where is it likely to be necessary, when is it likely to be mandatory and will it be required by all air vehicles and in all classes of airspace?  This Clued-up publication looks at all of those aspects and tackles each in a very practical manner.  It is a very informative publication packed with very current information. Read More »

Aeronext and its 4D GRAVITY technology opened a test line in Kosuge Village

Aeronext and its 4D GRAVITY technology opened a test line in Kosuge Village in anticipation of social implementation of logistics drones.‬ Logistics systems that utilize drones are attracting attention as a solution for areas where land transportation is difficult or where there is a lack of delivery personnel.‬ The logistics drone "Next DELIVERY ®" developed by Aeronext adopts the original center of gravity control technology "4D GRAVITY ® ︎" to realize horizontal transportation of luggage regardless of the orientation of the aircraft. By eliminating the bias of luggage during transportation, it is possible to transport medical and precision equipment and deliver meals, which is difficult with conventional drones.‬ Aeronext's Next DELIVERY goal is BVLOS flights in manned areas in 2022, which is the goal of Japan Air Mobility Revolution Roadmap.‬ A regular drone delivery route was set up in Kosuge Village. The village has problems with the fr... Read More »

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will commercialize a system that can operate multiple drones from a distance of 1,000km by 2022. ‬

The defence technology that enables stable flight of the aircraft is being diverted to the private sector: for disaster prediction and monitoring of power transmission lines.‬ MHI’s fighter jets and submarines can control their own movements while automatically following an adversary and notifying users of abnormalities.‬ The commercial adaptation will use secure internet connections to control drones flying through wind gusts of 30m/s.‬ The system will allow a controller in Tokyo to direct drones to Tanegashima, an island 1000km South.‬ MHI also plans to launch an analysis service for data taken with drones, using defence technologies such as artificial intelligence and precise image processing that makes full use of artificial satellites. ‬ As aircraft and other private sector businesses struggle, MHI aims to generate $95.7 million in sales by adapting defence technologies for private sector uses.‬ For more information, contact us at JUIDA (Japan UAS Industrial De... Read More »

Photographic & Survey Equipment Cover

Moonrock Insurance have launched a new drone insurance product in response to growing demand from customers, including UAV operators in the media, emergency services, agriculture, inspection and construction sectors. Moonrock now offer drone insurance that also provides cover for non-drone related items in one single policy, including all camera, video and survey equipment, as well as devices like laptops and mobile phones. We have had an uplift in requests from customers over the past couple of years seeking a single policy encompassing many of their insurance requirements in one place, and we have sought to meet this with our specialist cover. We are constantly looking to make life as simple and convenient as possible for all our customers. Allowing them to concentrate on their business, safe in the knowledge they have their cover in place and not having to think about insurance again until renewal or if they need to claim. Read More »

Wildfire mapping drone launched

A drone that can map the spread of wildfires has been developed by Robotto, a start-up company spun out of Aalborg University, Denmark. The team of four engineers, specialised in robotics and AI, has created a flexible drone platform to speed up the data collection process and therefore assist firefighters by proving an overview of the location, direction and spread of the fires. According to the team, the current use of helicopters and satellites can be improved upon by using its Autonomous Wildfire Recognition and Analytics (AWRA) drone, which transfers the data it collects autonomously onto a map, providing both optical and thermal images of the affected area. This is said to increase firefighters’ chances against a wildfire by providing situation awareness. AWRA collects and processes data to create a map of wildfires Data streaming enables the map and video to be shared with responders’ headquarters and ensures that the team is updated on the current sit... Read More »

How To Start And Run A Successful Drone Business

What you'll learn The benefits of being a drone pilot during an age in which the industry is growing fast How to choose a specialization within the drone industry in order to find new contracts and clients How to gain experience before launching your business by working as a freelancer How to market your business successfully using yourself, your website, social media, and YouTube videos Other ways of making money from your drone skills and knowledge through your website Requirements You just need to have a strong interest in the subject and be willing to learn and apply what is taught Description Are you looking for advice on how to turn your drone flying hobby into a business? Are you looking for a way to take advantage of the many options in the growing drone industry? Have you ever wondered if you too could become a professional drone pilot? Are you curious about flying drones commercially but not sure where to start? In 2013 I&nbs... Read More »

Kawasaki Heavy Industries succeeded in flight test of unmanned compound helicopter "K-RACER"

Kawasaki Heavy Industries succeeded in flight test of unmanned compound helicopter "K-RACER" The technology was demonstrated by an unmanned tester aiming at high speed, which is technically limited in the conventional helicopter, and in this test, stable flight by autonomous control was confirmed. The K-RACER is a special type of testing machine called a compound helicopter that has a main rotor (4 m in diameter), main wings and propellers on both sides instead of a tail rotor. The left and right propellers can cancel the torque associated with the rotation of the main rotor and generate forward thrust. In forward flight, the main wing shares the lift to reduce the burden on the main rotor, and the concept is to enable high-speed flight that cannot be achieved with conventional helicopters. The power source is the supercharged engine of the company's motorcycle "Ninja H2R". Kawasaki Heavy Industries will utilize the results obtained in this test for th... Read More »

Automatic inspection of wind power plants using J-Power, KDDI and drones‬

The blade was inspected by remote control by taking a picture of the wind power plant with a drone equipped with auto flight software. It is thus possible to shoot three blades of a stopped wind turbine from four directions in one flight.‬ By using auto-flight technology, local maintenance personnel can inspect the blades with simple settings and can quickly inspect during an emergency such as a lightning strike.‬ The team was able to take a picture of the entire wind power generator (blades, towers, etc.). It can be taken in about 20 minutes per unit, and the time can be shortened to 1/10 compared to usual inspection methods. ‬ The photographed picture was compared with the photograph taken by close-up work at height. It was not inferior and the damaged part could be analyzed by image analysis software. The team hence verified the effectiveness of visual inspection by conventional aerial work.‬ This will help as usual inspection works carried out by each company are concen... Read More »

The importance of post era newfound entrepreneurial spirit

While small businesses are becoming increasingly purpose-driven, it looks like businesses are also becoming increasingly digital, and embracing agile business models that allow them to quickly adapt to new environments. Throughout human history, crises have been pivotal in developing our societies. Pandemics have helped advance health-care systems, wars have fuelled technological innovations and the global financial crisis helped advance tech companies. The present coronavirus pandemic will arguably not be an exception; entrepreneurs can be expected to rise to the challenge. The pandemic has accelerated the process of digital transformation across almost all sectors. As the world slowly but steadily shifts to the recovery stage, we have also seen that the pandemic has brought on changes to consumer behaviour that is likely to stay for good. The question then becomes how we can empower entrepreneurs to leverage digital tools and innovations while navigating the pandemic. Ent... Read More »

Guest-blog: Stephanie Barnes discusses the importance of knowledge management

Peter Drucker once said: ‘that today knowledge has power because it controls access to opportunity and advancement’. The 4th Industrial Revolution is undoubtedly the century of knowledge. The everyday usage of available advanced information, business and internet technologies in business activities confirm that this is not only a phrase from the literature, but true reality. Globalisation has brought many modern trends, and companies have the task to be flexible and adapt as quickly, easily and painlessly as they can in order to survive in the competitive market. The vital strategic resource today is the knowledge; individual and organisational. By realising the major value of intellectual resources, companies have begun to manage rationally and improve them. Hence the importance of knowledge management as a concept of organisational knowledge, aimed at effective application of knowledge to make quality decisions. Leadership has a central role. Intellectual r... Read More »

EU UAS Implementing Regulation 2019/947 Delayed

Whilst the European Commission have delayed the EU UAS Implementing Regulation 2019/947 until 31 Dec 2020, they have not announced a delay to EU 2019/945 (unless we missed that announcement here at  the DDG).  This effectively means that new Drones introduced into the European market after 1 July 2021 have to abide by the EU Conformity rules in 2019/945 and must be CE marked.  So if you are a UK Drone designer, how do you go about getting the relevant CE mark for your Drone?  Well, unless you are in the very lowest (C0) category, you will need to have your design and productions processes, and of course your drone capability, reliability and claimed specifications assessed by a Competent Assessment Body (CAB).  The CAB would assess your product against a UK Scheme.  Let’s just run through that again.  In order for your Drone system to be assessed the UK has to set up a UK Scheme.  This UK Scheme would need to be created and owned by... Read More »

Mission possible for unmanned aircraft systems

During the COVID-19 pandemic, air drones or unmanned aircraft systems have played vital roles, from delivering aid to monitoring social distancing. However, issues such as safety, security and the sharing of airspace have continued to delay their full commercial use. Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) have undoubtedly become the technology of the moment which, from humble beginnings, is set to create an industry to rival the automotive and aviation industries combined. UAS gained notoriety as toys, but have quickly evolved into the basis for a high-value, rapid-growth industry spanning almost all sectors, including logistics, medical, surveying, security and transport, and are being used in almost every environment on the planet. UAS, which can be remotely controlled, but are increasingly being equipped with autonomous capabilities, have been around for a long time. It has only been in the past five years that the technology to make them commercially viable tools in a huge range o... Read More »

Successful development of an intensity measurement system using Kansai TV and drone

Kansai TV has developed a radio wave measurement system for terrestrial digital broadcasting using drones to measure the radio wave radiation pattern (graph of the direction and intensity of radio waves emitted from the antenna) of TV relay stations in Japan. An intensity measuring unit consisting of a PC & an intensity measuring instrument is connected to the communication port that normally connects the camera, and GPS data (flight position and time) obtained from the drone during flight and the intensity measuring instrument are connected. By transmitting the electric wave strength obtained from the above to a tablet on the ground via wireless LAN, the measurer can check the radio wave emission pattern directly after the flight by a simple menu operation. In the verification flight, the practicality of this system was confirmed by measuring the radio wave radiation pattern in the horizontal direction at the same time as the visual inspection by the drone camera at multiple... Read More »

The DroneX Trade Show and Conference

The DroneX Trade Show and Conference is the UK's largest event dedicated to UAV products, parts, accessories and services, taking place on the 26th and 27th May 2021 at the ExCel, London and running alongside Helitech Expo.   2020 has seen a massive boom in the drone industry, with revenue projections set to further rocket from 4.4 to 63.6 Billion by 2025. 2021 is the pivotal moment for all pioneers and modernisers of the industry to discover the newest technologies. The DroneX Trade Show and Conference brings together 300 leading manufacturers and suppliers, with 3,000 decision makers, buyers, entrepreneurs, and upstarters. Featuring 100 seminars filled with informative, inspiring and innovative ideas directly from front runners of the sector. This plethora of content will help you discover the latest advancements and stay ahead as the UAV landscape continues to adapt and diversify.  Find everything you need under one roof, whether you are looking to nurtur... Read More »

Danish AI-startup fighting fires with drones

Robotto, a Danish AI-startup, plans to launch its first product at the start of 2020. The goal is to limit and reduce the damage caused by wildfires.  ClimateTech. If we are to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we will need innovative solutions. Tech that reimagines and disrupts the traditional approach to reducing the damage caused by climate change. One of the most threatening symptoms of climate change, affecting the woods of Sweden to residential areas in California and remote areas in Africa, is wildfire.  Ready to take off As the Earth gets hotter wildfires are growing, harming animals, humans and land. Four students from Aalborg University’s Robotics program have developed a tech solution to fight wildfires more effectively.  The team developed an Autonomous Wildfire Recognition and Analytics Drone for their final bachelor’s project at the University. After having tested the drone with the Danish Emergency Management Agency, the te... Read More »

INVOLI and AirMarket announce strategic partnership upon being selected as a team for Canada’s official RTM Service Trials

Lausanne, Switzerland:   As part of one of the two teams selected to perform Canada’s RTM* (RPAS Traffic Management) Trials,  INVOLI, leading surveillance solutions provider, and team-leader AirMarket, regulatory technology solution provider for unmanned aviation, capitalize on such success and announce strategic partnership to bring the trials collaboration to the market. The trials aim at generating data and experience that would be used by Transport Canada to develop regulations for BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) drone operations and the delivery of commercial cellular-enabled UTM* services. The team, led by AirMarket and including partners such as world-renowned telecommunication company TELUS, was selected by Canada’s RTM Action Team cochaired by Transport Canada and NAV CANADA, to execute official service trials.   Starting in a 425 km corridor in Northern Alberta, the partners... Read More »

Drone discussions: bridging the gap between testing and application

A panel discussion looking at how industry can bridge the gap between the trialling and the commercial application of drone technology. About this Event This live streamed discussion is set to be the first in a series of virtual events aiming to increase awareness of the commercial opportunities that drone operations could provide. It builds on the success of the ‘Commercialisation of the Drone Industry” White Paper submitted to Government in July this year. The Drone Delivery Group hopes to provoke discussion to highlight the challenges faced by industry in general, the drone industry in particular and the UK Government, as a means to speed up the development and benefits this emerging area of technology could provide to the UK economy. It is aimed at anyone responsible for exploring the use of drones for their organisation. Event precis A wide range of industries are now actively seeking to include drone technology in their operations. Whether... Read More »

UK's Largest Event for The Commercial UAV Sector

The UAV Innovation Expo is Europe's largest Event dedicated to UAV products, parts, accessories and services. Designed to inspire, inform and connect. A new show for new technologies that focus on commercial, emergency services, humanitarian aid, disaster relief, and military fields. Incredible opportunity to discover the latest industry trends and technological advancements, through an assortment of over 200 Manufacturers and Suppliers exhibiting in 2021. Choose from over 100 seminars, where key individuals and experts in their fields will share their knowledge, stories, and advice, covering a whole multitude of UAV Topics. Over the course of 2 days; Source ideas, information and advice from like-minded individuals, to get your next UAV venture fully equipped! Source the latest Drone Technology, Services, Parts and Advice Incredible opportunity to discover the latest industry trends and technological advancements, through an assortment of over 200 Manufacturers a... Read More »

Valqari Introduces The Drone Delivery Station

Six-storage delivery solution showcases the start-up’s continued leadership in last inch drone delivery logistics Watch Our Video > CHICAGO, IL (August 19, 2020) - Valqari, the Chicago start-up that solved the last inch logistics problem with its patented universal drone delivery infrastructure, has launched its largest solution to date with the Drone Delivery Station. This new technology offers a safe and convenient landing station with six separate storage units to accommodate multiple drone and traditional deliveries or pickups. The drone delivery station also maintains a digital chain of custody throughout the entire delivery process to give users peace of mind knowing their packages are secure until retrieved. The Drone Delivery Station is entirely drone agnostic and enables a fully autonomous point-to-point delivery to provide a reliable, universal location for drone deliveries and pick-ups up to 25 pounds. It also has the ability to accept packages numerous wa... Read More »