YellowScan - Mapper - Jump into the LiDAR world

Easy mapping redefined

Start your LiDAR journey with our easy-to-use Mapper system. Its low weight, mid-range capability, top-end point density and advanced accuracy and precision, make this LiDAR system the best value for money.    

The Detail

  • AGL altitude   70m (230ft)
  • System precision    2cm   (0.8”)
  • System accuracy    3cm (1.2“)
  • Battery weight excl.   1.5kg (3.31 lbs)
Be more productive in the field

For optimized productivity, we recommend a balanced 10 m/s flight speed to benefit for optimal point density. Map 10 hectares in 3 minutes flying at 70m AGL, 10 m/s, with 20% sidelap.

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Designed to fit any UAVs

Easily mount it on a variety of UAVs: multirotor, fixed-wing or helicopter drones.

The Gremsy and DJI skyport integrations, or our custom-made mounting bracket allows for a swift set-up to get mapping quickly.

You've got the power- 

Choose your power source: - 

  1. Skyport/Gremsy for set-up and power through the UAV
  2. Through the Mapper with its own integrated batteries with 1h30 autonomy
Withstand external conditions/ events

Rain is not an issue during data collection, thanks to the Mapper’s IPW55 protection.

Everything you need in one backpack

Carry your LiDAR along with everything else you might need. This backpack is the size of carry-on luggage and fits in any airline overhead compartment.