YellowScan - CloudStation - Turn physical projects into digital realities

The CloudStation is an evolutive and user-friendly software, developed by YellowScan, to generate and visualize pointclouds.

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The Detail

Extract, process, and display LiDAR data right after a flight 

  • Visualize datasets with billions of points in no time 
  • Effortlessly handle multi-flight acquisitions in a single project 
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  • Auto-generate strips and export .LAS files to interface with all your tools.
Increased productivity  

Get the job done faster with this intuitive pointcloud extraction tool that will maximize your budget.

In-house research and development

Our goal is to develop our skills and technologies to better serve our customers. Our R&D team strives to innovate, develop new functionalities and improve the CloudStation on a day-to-day basis.

Get expert advice and guidance

YellowScan’s knowledgeable team is here to support you, be it for a quick consult or training.

The CloudStation comes with a 1-year maintenance, including support and software updates.     

Key features
  • Automatic or custom strip selection
  • Project settings: Coordinate system, LiDAR profile, angle range…  
  • Powerful 3D Engine
  • Vertical slicing  
One click exports
  • LAS/LAZ (1.2/1.4) files
  • A DSM as GeoTIFF (geolocalized TIFF) 
Add-on modules

Improve the quality of your surveys with our custom-made modules.

Strip Adjustment

Modify strips or flight lines and enhance the quality of your pointcloud.

Key Benefits:

  • One-click adjustments
  • Powerful algorithms used in adjustment methods
  • Use Ground Control Points (GCPs) for final adjustments  
  • Seamless adjustment of strips  


Export classified pointclouds

Key Benefits:

  • Export classified .LAS 
  • Generate hill shade from your DTM  
  • Automatic classification of points as “ground/non-ground”  
  • Export Digital Model from your classified point cloud as GeoTIFF (geolocalised TIFF): DSM, DTM, DHM. 


Export colorised pointclouds from simultaneous LiDAR + camera acquisition

Key Benefits:

  • Combine the data generated from your flight with photos taken simultaneously to generate a colorised pointcloud
  • Colourise and visualize your strips
  • Automatic LiDAR–camera calibration and refinement
  • Two colourisation methods available 
  • Designed for our camera hardware  
  • Colourisation from external orthophotos available

Want to try CloudStation? Take advantage of our 30-day trial!