YellowScan - Vx15 - Made for adventurers

Go from mapping inaccessible sites in the Balinese mountains to secluded areas in Chile.

The Detail

The Vx15 is the lightest system of the Vx series integrating the APX15.

IMU: Applanix APX15

Laser: miniVUX1-2-3

Key figures

  • AGL altitude  100m (300 ft)
  • System precision 1cm   (0.4”)
  • System accuracy 5cm (2“)
  • Battery weight excl.  2.6kg (5.7lbs)
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Key differentiators

  • Can easily be operated by one person
  • Single board GNSS-inertial solution
  • Calibrated intensity value
Customize your system

Choose the laser scanner that best suits your needs:

  • Vx15-100 (Scanner: RIEGL miniVUX-1UAV Laser pulse: 100kHz)
  • Vx15-200 (Scanner: RIEGL miniVUX-2UAV Laser pulse: 100kHz/200kHz)
  • Vx15-300 (Scanner: RIEGL miniVUX-2UAV Laser pulse: 100kHz/200kHz/300kHz)
Enhanced productivity

The Vx15 series is the ideal solution for high-flight projects with quick data processing needs.

Designed to fit any UAVs

Its light weight allows you to easilyaasily mount it on a variety of UAVs: multirotor, fixed wing, or helicopter drones.

Fit for a wide variety of applications

Ideally suited for applications requiring sharp and accurate descriptions such as in civil engineering.

Live 3D pointcloud visualization

The LiveStation provides system operators with the immediate and relevant information needed to ensure a smooth acquisition even in difficult working conditions.

View your LiDAR data in real time

The LiveStation provides a three-dimensional representation of the pointcloud during flight, with the ability to zoom, translate or rotate.

Cutting edge visualization design

The user interface gives you an immediate summary of the system’s status. The transect view easily allows the operator to check in real-time whether the LiDAR can penetrate a forest’s canopy and sample the ground.

Live visualization

Pointcloud (top or 3D view), Flight trajectory, Transect (LiDAR position, first and last echoes)

Mission replay

Missions can later be replayed for analyzing flight conditions and data.

Navigation controls & status

IMU & GNSS, Speed, flight height & attitude, Elapsed Time, Radio signal

Viewer parameters

Point size and color, quick preset views